I have a number of short videos floating around the Internet.

Here’s my You Tube channel

Here’s my website channel with downloadable versions

Here’s the AllAboutGOD channel with a complete offering of related videos

Everything is free with multiple links to other resources!



  1. I love the way you put the Bible and your journey into historical context. As a history graduate, it really inspires me to learn more about my friend Jesus in a historical perspective as well as a spiritual one. I’ve been questioned recently about whether or not Christmas is an appropriate holiday in God’s eyes, and I really want to know the answer to that. It has honestly caused me some heartache trying to find the answer. Thank you so much for your website, it’s awesome!!!

    • Thanks for the encouraging words, Andrea! I truly appreciate the pump! Indeed, Biblical Christianity is an historical reality, not a feel-good philosophy, movement, or religion… Stay on that Journey, Randall

  2. Keep grindin Randell, you inspire me. Happy Thanksgiving

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