I was the poster child for cynicism and skepticism. Forged in the fires of Georgetown, Oxford, and Berkeley, my friends knew me as a hedonist and atheist. Then, in what seemed to be overnight, people witnessed a dramatic shift in my life. Go on a journey with me as I pose questions, explore assumptions, and challenge my long-held preconceptions about life, truth, purpose, and meaning.


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  1. Dear Randall
    I just want you to know I picked up a copy of your little book”Purpose in Trial” about 18 months ago in a laundry in a caravan park in Coffs Harbour, some one had left it there I didn’t read it then but put it away in the cupboard in the van and forgot about it . little did I know that very soon after that our daughter would be diagnosed with breast cancer the same as your Mum she is 38 wit 2 little children I have spent the better part of last year down in Coffs Harbour where she lives looking after her while she undergoes treatment .I was out in our van this afternoon and came upon your book again sat down and read it so I have just came to the net to find you / I have been angry with God and hiding from Him I am a Christian and so is Kelly our daughter ,your book is lovely and I guess I needed it today my only fear is that it is not a forwarning of Kelly,s future but I guess if it is I will look back to to day as assurance of Him walking before me beside me and behind me encompassing me with his assurance and love as he holds our future in His
    hands God Bless

    Love in Him

  2. Dear Randall
    Thank you so much for your kindness they arrived and I love them
    God Bless

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