Randall Niles

Randall Niles is an attorney, educator, writer, and speaker passionate about critical thinking and truth-seeking. This Weblog is dedicated to pursuing TRUTH, our illusive foe and ultimate friend.


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  1. My husband and I are youth group leaders. We were looking for something we could start at the beginning with, like Creation, that followed with answers to some of the tough questions like “Where did God come from” and “What about dinosaurs” because God has given us a group of kids that are very sceptical, some are athiests, some haven’t decided what they think yet but we needed answers quick before they deciced they were’nt going to ask anymore and do the worst thing Float through life not knowing what they believe or why, and Thank God,
    we came upon your web site. We love that we can encourage the kids to ask anything and not be afraid we can’t find a resource to help us explore the possibilties and not get lost in it. Leaveing them and us more confused than when we started. THANK YOU!
    We know we can download your videos which we will if need be, but we were wondering if you had a DVD that we could purchase with all your videos on it. Will you please get back to us with an answer so we can get that ASAP?
    Thanks Again,
    Carla and Johnny Gallegos
    Calvary Christian Fellowship
    Youth Leaders

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