Posted by: Randall Niles | May 24, 2012

Information — Code, Computers, and Cosmic Chance

Think about the huge number of programmers and engineers required to write and maintain the information code that runs our computers today. It’s incredible to think of the billions of dollars and millions of work hours at the foundation of the binary code — the “1”s and “0”s — that underlie today’s digital information culture.

In our technology age, it’s easy to jump from the example of software code to the awesome design and complexity underlying the makeup and operation of all living things. DNA — the phenomenal storehouse of genetics that creates the physical makeup of each organism — is really digital code. Mainstream scientists don’t mince words when they refer to DNA as “genetic information,” “genetic blueprints,” “genetic language,” and “genetic code.”

That’s because it really is…!

Similar to the binary code of computer software, DNA is a four-digit code comprised of base chemical pairs laid out in a microscopic spiraling staircase. For the human, these stairs are arranged in approximately 3 billion precise sequences, acting as the “letters” in our genetic alphabet. These letters combine into complex sequences that form the words, sentences, and paragraphs that act as instructions to guide the formation and functioning of each host cell in our body — and there are about 30 trillion of those!

With the discovery, mapping, and sequencing of the DNA molecule over the last few decades, we now understand that organic life is based on vastly complex information code, and, like today’s most complex software codes, such information cannot be created or interpreted without some kind of “intelligence.” When Apple® needs to produce more digital information, it adds hundreds of smart people to its payroll and they spend thousands of hours writing and debugging code. However, our kids’ text books teach that the four-digit code that makes up the human body, enough information to fill the Grand Canyon a few times if printed in books, was created by cosmic chance.

Something to think about… Like software to a computer, DNA code is a genetic language that communicates information to the organic cell. Amazingly, the DNA molecule is a micro-sized, error-correcting, self-duplicating, information storage and retrieval system!

Crazy what a well-placed lightning strike can accomplish in an ancient pond of acids and minerals…

Just Thinking,

Randall Niles

Watch this Incredible Code in Action Now!



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