Posted by: Randall Niles | October 21, 2010

New Look at the Quantum World

As a young child, Michio Kaku spent hours watching carp at the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco. He imagined the pond as an entire, two-dimensional universe, where the carp could only swim forwards and backwards, left and right. The concept of “up,” beyond the lily pads, was totally alien to them.

Michio wondered, “What if I could reach down and grab a carp and lift him up into my universe?” What a wondrous story the carp would tell the others! He would babble on about new laws of physics and unbelievable creatures that move without fins and breathe without gills. However, without such a visit to the third dimension, how could a “thinking” carp know anything about the unseen world above?

One day it rained, and Michio saw the drops form ripples on the surface of the pond. Then he understood. The carp could see the rippling shadows. The third dimension was invisible to them, but vibrations in this dimension were clearly visible. The ripples might even be felt by the carp, who would invent scientific concepts such as “light” and “gravity” to help describe the unseen “force.” Of course, the other carp in the pond would laugh at the notion, since carp know there’s no “force” at all, just the rippling of the water.

Today, Michio Kaku believes we are the carp swimming in our tiny pond, blissfully unaware of invisible dimensions hovering just above us in hyperspace. As described on his website, 21st century physicists can now “see” and “feel” the “ripples,” and Michio is leading the charge towards a scientific formula that explains it all — the “Theory of Everything” (or Big TOE) as Einstein called it. He is the leading scientist in “superstring” theory, a 10-dimensional model of unseen “strings” vibrating at the quantum level that provides a unification of all forces in the cosmos.

Something Super Fun to Think About,

Randall Niles


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