Posted by: Randall Niles | July 15, 2010

Morality in Post-Christian Culture

Although it seems that Western society still shares a moral plumb line on the “big things” (murder, rape, child abuse, genocide, etc.), it also seems that many have gone totally numb on the so-called “little things.” The inner conscience is broken, the inherent checks and balances are gone, and the “little things” keep getting bigger and bigger.

When it comes to morality, have you really digested the impact of postmodern relativism on our post-Christian culture?

The crazy thing is that many “enlightened” thinkers in the post-Christian West believe that collective, moral progress is the evolutionary norm, especially with the demise of religion. For the secularist, religious superstition is replaced by scientific reason, and this reason leads to moral good.

How many of us read history…? What’s the truth about human nature…? Does this progressive thinking make any sense at all…?

We just posted a new THINK AGAIN podcast that gets to the heart of this issue — We think you’ll enjoy it!

Morality in Post-Christian Culture

Morals vs. Feelings

Postmodern Values


Age of Reason

Utopian Views

Social Evolution

Nature and Morality

Collective Consciousness

Randall Niles and John Stonestreet examine the New Morality.

Check out the NEW SHOW Today!


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