Posted by: Randall Niles | September 27, 2009

Physics of Prayer

I spent a number of years working in the telcom world. I was “on the inside” of a technology company that played with laser transmitters, Faraday isolators, and wavelength division multiplexing.

OK, so what?

Well, it hit me recently that the technological advances of the last few decades might make it plausible to understand the physics of prayer. Crazy, huh?

Could it be that the mathematical/physical properties of spiritual communication are similar to the mathematical/physical properties of natural communication?

Just Think. At any given moment, a nearly infinite number of invisible pathways are filled with a nearly infinite number of sights and sounds. With cell phones, satellite dishes, radios, and point-to-point optical systems, you and I have “gazillions” of voice conversations, documents, pictures, and movies flying before our faces right this second. Have you ever just thought about the awesome power of telecommunications and the sheer magnitude of the invisible realm before us? It’s hard to grasp the immense volume of stuff that fills invisible point-to-point pathways in our everyday existence. Yet, through relatively recent advances in societal technology, we now understand that this invisible world is an absolute reality. We participate in it (and count on it) every day.

Therefore, although God could hear our prayers through any physical (or non-physical) properties that we may never get close to comprehending, isn’t it remarkable that we now have 21st century tools to see and understand how billions of point-to-point spiritual conversations a second could actually occur? The same invisible pathways that we now understand and control through telecommunications technology could actually provide a glimpse of God’s world of spiritual communication. There’s no reason that the same frequency pathways that carry audible sound and visual manifestations couldn’t also carry mental thoughts and subconscious motivations. It’s just a matter of tuning into a different frequency — a wavelength spectrum that we can’t quite see with our current technology. However, through recent advances in wavelength division multiplexing, we sure have the capability of understanding the existence and power of such a wavelength spectrum.

Next time you seek God in your daily prayers, think of the reality of point-to-point global telecommunications. Think of the power and perfection of the laws of quantum physics we are now harnessing in our day-to-day world. Those frequency pathways have been there from the beginning. Those mathematical and physical properties were designed from the beginning. Next time a friend challenges the “reality” of your prayer life, hand them your cell phone and ask them to make a call. See if they understand the nature of the invisible pathway they are using during the call. Ask them to stretch out their hand and grasp the billions of silent vapors rushing through their fingers that represent billions of ongoing conversations happening at that very moment. How about an entire motion picture, which is converted to photons of light and carried to the other side of the world in milliseconds and reconverted into a visual image that we can see and hear through our natural senses…!

Just Think!

Randall Niles


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