Posted by: Randall Niles | July 10, 2009

Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Origin of the Cosmos

The scientific search continues to understand what happened when the so-called Big Bang “created” the cosmos. On June 22, 2009, scientists announced a new project to build the world’s deepest underground laboratory in an abandoned gold mine 8,000 feet beneath the Black Hills of South Dakota. How could working deep into the earth have anything to do with determining the cause, structure, and operation of the early cosmos?

Well, scientists are searching for “dark matter,” a mysterious particle that makes up nearly 25% of the mass of the universe. Remarkably, this invisible matter doesn’t emit any detectable radiation, yet we know it’s there because it influences the gravitational effects of all visible matter.

OK, so what?

In a nutshell, without dark matter, scientists believe that galaxies would never have formed because there wouldn’t be enough gravity to keep them from flying apart. The universe is so finely-tuned that a precise amount of dark matter holding individual galaxies together, and another mysterious force, “dark energy,” forcing these galaxies apart from one another at an accelerated rate, must exist. Together, dark matter and dark energy dominate the universe, making up approximately 96% of all mass and energy. However, no one really knows what this stuff is.

Although we don’t know what this stuff is, it seems absolutely necessary for an ordered cosmos with the ability to support complex life. Thus, the search for answers continues…

So, let’s return to our Large Underground Xenon (LUX) detection laboratory being built 8,000 feet below the earth’s surface in South Dakota. Scientists plan to use a large, heavy tank of liquid Xenon to “catch” dark matter particles in a laboratory chamber. In theory, the experiment must be conducted deep underground in order to avoid the sun’s cosmic radiation. The highly active radiation continually bouncing off the earth’s crust can throw off the detectors’ readings and not allow us to “see” the captured dark matter. Completion is scheduled for 2016.

Earlier this month, the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California was dedicated. This $3.5 billion, 10-story facility, has 192 lasers that simultaneously fire at a small beryllium sphere of hydrogen isotopes. These hydrogen atoms fuse into helium and release thermonuclear energy of 180 million degrees Fahrenheit. Because this heat is equivalent to the core temperature of large stars, the NIF will be used to study the origin of stars and the first fraction of a second at the beginning of the cosmos.

If that’s not enough, in October of this year, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will hopefully be fired up in Europe (see my prior blog post). The LHC is the largest machine in the world, with two accelerator rings over 16 miles in circumference. Charged particles (proton or lead ions) fly around these rings in a vacuum, near the speed of light. When these particle beams are forced to collide, they are expected to release energy equivalent to 100,000 times the heat at the center of our sun. Scientists believe the resultant high energy nuclear reaction will provide evidence for the nature of matter at the first moment of creation.

I don’t know about you, but I just love this stuff! Thanks to my dad who keeps sending me emails and articles… It seems the more we discover in science, the more questions we have about the “how’s” and the “why’s”!

Just Thinking,

Randall Niles



  1. Randall,

    I’m enjoying your blog. Keep it up.

    I have an idea that the first person who finds the Unified Field Theory (I think that’s the name of it) will see a picture of Jesus (Hebrews 1:3).


  2. The Basic Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]

    a recapitulation

    A. Its essential statement

    “Extrapolation of the expansion of the universe backwards in time to the early hot dense “Big Bang” phase, using general relativity, yields an infinite density and temperature at a finite time in the past. At age 10^-35 seconds the Universe begins with a cataclysm that generates space and time, as well as all the matter and energy the Universe will ever hold.”

    E = Energy content of the universe
    m = mass content of the universe
    D = distance, Total = in all spatial directions, from the point of Big-Bang, of singularity’s energy-mass superposition

    At D=0, E was = m and both E and m were, together, all the energy and matter the Universe will ever hold. Since the onset of the cataclysm, E remains constant and m diminishes as D increases.
    The increase of D is the initial inflation, followed by the ongoing expansion, of what became the galactic clusters.

    At 10^-35 seconds, D was already a fraction of a second above zero. This is when gravity starts. This is what started gravity. At this instance starts the energetic space texture, starts the straining of the space texture, and starts the space-texture-memory, gravity, that most probably will eventually overcome expansion and initiate re-impansion back to singularity.

    B. Some of its further essential implications beyond Einstein-Hubble and re classical-quantum physics

    And again and again : “On The Origin Of Origins”

    1. It promotes commonsensical scientific critical thinking beyond Einstein-Hubble.

    The universe is the archetype of quantum within classical physics, which is the fractal oneness of the universe.

    Astronomically there are two physics. A classical Newtonian physics behaviour of and between galactic clusters, and a quantum physics behaviour WITHIN the galactic clusters.

    The onset of big-bang’s inflation, the cataclysmic resolution of the Original Superposition, started gravity, with formation – BY DISPERSION – of galactic clusters that behave as classical Newtonian bodies and continuously reconvert their original pre-inflation masses back to energy, thus fueling the galactic clusters expansion, and with endless quantum-within-classical intertwined evolutions WITHIN the clusters in attempt to delay-resist this reconversion.

    2. There is no call, no need, for any dark energy. The energy of the universe is conserved. The mass of the universe is conserved in the form of energy, the energy fueling the clusters expansion. At the next universal singularity, at the next D = 0, there will again be E = m for a small fraction of a second…just wait and see…

    Following Newton (1) gravity is decreased when mass is decreased and (2) acceleration of a body is given by dividing the force acting upon it by its mass. By plain common sense the combination of those two ‘laws’ may explain the accelerating cosmic expansion of galaxy clusters and the laws that drive it, based on the E/ m/ D relationship suggested above..

    3. There is no call, no need, for a Higgs Particle.

    The resolution of energy-mass superposition is reverted when D = 0. Shockingly sad, but must be soberingly faced rationally.

    C. Its implications re the origin and nature of life beyond Darwin, re selection for survival

    For Nature, Earth’s biosphere is one of the many ways of temporarily constraining an amount of energy within a galaxy within a galactic cluster, for thus avoiding, as long as possible, spending this particularly constrained amount as part of the fuel that maintains the clusters expansion.

    Genes are THE Earth’s organisms and ALL other organisms are their temporary take-offs.

    For Nature genes are genes are genes. None are more or less important than the others. Genes and their take-offs, all Earth organisms, are temporary energy packages and the more of them there are the more enhanced is the biosphere, Earth’s life, Earth’s temporary storage of constrained energy. This is the origin, the archetype, of selected modes of survival.

    The early genes came into being by solar energy and lived a very long period solely on direct solar energy. Metabolic energy, the indirect exploitation of solar energy, evolved at a much later phase in the evolution of Earth’s biosphere.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments from 22nd century)
    Updated Life’s Manifest May 2009

  3. Again: Dark Energy And Dark Matter YOK
    Rethink Cosmic Evolution

    A. From “Ancient dawn’s early light refines age of universe
    Satellite images reveal new aspects of Big Bang’s relic radiation.”

    – “The ancient light, known as the cosmic microwave background, is peppered with hot and cold spots, signs of the tiny primordial lumps from which galaxies grew”, And “(It is suggested) that theorists will have to revise their understanding of galaxy clusters”.

    – The “universal composition” mantra is displayed, again, as 4.5% ordinary matter, 22.7% dark matter and 72.8% dark energy.

    B. From “No Dark Matter, No Maybe”

    – Enough is enough. Humanity has been hallucinating about dark energy and dark matter for circa 100 years.

    – The “tiny primordial lumps” grew NOT into galaxies, but into galaxy clusters.

    – “Galaxy Clusters Evolved By Dispersion, Not By Conglomeration”.

    – “There’s No Dark Energy Nor Dark Matter”. All the initial singularity energy and matter is still there in space-distance, accounted for by E=Total[m(1 + D)] .

    C. And “Cosmic Evolution Simplified” accounts for the origin and nature of evolutionary biology via the cosmic gravity monotheism.

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)

  4. Gravity Simplified
    Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

    A. E=Total[m(1 + D)]

    Is the relationship between the cosmic energy(E), mass(m), and spatial expansion distance(D) since the cataclysmic E/m superposition resolution.

    At 10^-35 seconds since big bang, D was already a fraction of a second above zero. This is when gravity started. This is what started gravity. At this instance started the energy space texture, the straining of space texture, and started the space-texture-memory, gravity, that most probably will eventually overcome expansion and initiate impansion back to singularity, again.

    The clusters of galaxies behave as accelerating classical Newtonian bodies. Their motion is fueled with energy from myriads of mass-to-energy reconversions, in intertwined evolutions within the clusters.

    B. The mass-to-energy reconversions continuously diminish m, as D continuously increases

    The energy spent on increasing D, the clusters expansion, becomes the potential impansion energy that will eventually re-form singularity. This is gravity. This is the striving of the resolved-from-energy mass to return to its sigularity wholeness.

    m are ALL cosmic formats of mass, regardless of size and complexity, including astronomic-to-smallest-particle bodies and all energy-mass organizations such as black holes environs, biospheres-lifes, all sizes and varieties of spin-arrays.

    C. Mass is destined to dis-exist. It attempts to postpone-survive this by ingesting of energy

    The cosmic expansion will eventually nearly run out of fuel-energy, when at some value of D it will be overcome by gravity and impansion will thus set in. The universe will then revert towards singularity. D will go on a diminishing course and m will enter a growing course of evolution, very different from the present cosmic evolution course.

    D. Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

    The universe came into being with inflation, with the onset of gravity. Gravity has been setting the course and nature of all the aspects of its evolution. Gravity will eventually terminate cosmic expansion and reverse the course of cosmic evolution.

    Gravity Is The Monotheism Of The Cosmos

    Dov Henis
    (Comments From The 22nd Century)

    28Dec09 Implications Of E=Total[m(1 + D)]
    Cosmic Evolution Simplified

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