Posted by: Randall Niles | June 5, 2009

The Journey of Life

When it comes to a thoughtful life, many of us are passive creatures, mindlessly absorbing the latest that Western media has to offer. We’re lethargic… We’re numb… In fact, many of us are truly dead. For a growing number of us, it’s not that we’re making some wrong turns in the journey of life, it’s that we’re not even on a journey at all. 

I know… THIS WAS ME! 

Many of us need meaningful sparks. We need jumper cables applied to our passive minds to get the wheels spinning again. Then, and only then, will we start thinking and asking basic life questions again. Let’s get back to relevant and revealing media. Let’s get genuine again, have meaningful conversations, and invest in high-octane fuels for the journey. Let’s honestly open our eyes and unclog our ears.  

When we’re truly seeing and hearing, we have increased opportunities for “ah-hah” moments in life. When we get out of the passive routine (and some of our escapist pursuits) we’ll have time to look for the honest evidence, stories, and experiences that ultimately lead to moments of understanding – moments of truth – in our lives. It is here that we glimpse true meaning — true purpose in our lives… At this point, we can’t go back – intellectual honesty requires us to press on towards a destination that’s now real to us.   

As we travel this authentic journey, our eyes and ears might pop completely open. Our prior mindset of relativity might be scorched to the core. Truth might seem valid again, ready to act as the foundation for a total thought system. The crazy adventure of existence might become a Blast again! 

Where are you in your journey right now? Are you out of gas? Do you need to make a U-turn and get going the right direction again? Or are you sitting in your passive place, unable to even turn the key and start your engine?   

Your journey doesn’t have to mirror mine, but I do pray that you’ll start an honest quest… 

Still Thinking, 

Randall Niles 


Here’s a recent YouTube video that might get you thinking again!


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