Posted by: Randall Niles | October 14, 2008

The Great Pursuit

We all pursue something…


Throughout the seasons of life, we churn through cycles of pursuit. Whether fame and power, peace and abundance, fun and pleasure, or healing and forgiveness, we actively seek something at every phase of existence.


Often, we enter dry periods, where paying the mortgage is more important than contemplating the meaning of being — where self-sufficiency is more focal than selfless reflection.


And then it happens…


At some point in life, we catch a glimpse of the miraculous… maybe the mysterious. We contemplate our earthly origin or we grapple with our eternal destiny.


It could be the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, or a devastating divorce…


It could be the vision of a starving child digging through trash in a street-bound slum…


It could be the vision of a heroic soldier saving a child from the chaos of a street-side bomb…


It could be a massive, star-filled sky… or a tiny hummingbird hovering nearby.


It may strike as a monumental epiphany, or it may sneak up as an inconsequential flash.


Regardless, it happens, and the deep questions of life return –if just for an instant. A passion to pursue ultimate purpose, meaning, and truth are re-ignited in our soul!


Who am I, really?


Why am I really here?


Where will I really be in 10,000 years?


And, most importantly, where does God fit into all of this?


Who is God, really… and how do I really pursue Him?


Throughout the seasons of history, all of humanity has faced this same cycle of perplexity. Whether great thinkers or everyday peasants, our ancestors have all confronted the mystery of God. Some meet God and immediately walk away. Some meet God and embrace Him eternally. Some go forward with pursuing a relationship, while others retreat from possible engagement.


Yes, we all pursue something…


Randall Niles


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